The Why

Life has definitely been different lately.

Grandma is trying to find her “joy”   so that she is ready to pass away.   We talked the other day about forgiveness and letting go.    I don’t want her to pass away but I do want her to find her joy.

I’ve been thinking a lot on life and my own peace of mind.   I’ve never expected to find “joy”  in this life but I definitely have found happiness and contentment

I haven’t always been happy.

I haven’t always wanted to be happy.    That’s where people get stuck.   They think that a good life is happy all the time.

I disagree.   There is a time and a place for every thing.   Every feeling every thing.    If everything was constant bliss how do you even know that your happy?    You wouldn’t have the reminders of the hard times to look back on and appreciate the lessons learned to get you to make better choices so that you don’t have to struggle.

I think that you can be very happy living a modest life with less “things”.

There comes a certain peace when you lose everything you ever owned.   Sometimes it has to happen more than once for some people to understand.    Things can always be replaced.    Even old family heirlooms or pictures.    I’m struggling getting my head around the family heirlooms.   (Maybe. They are a little harder to replace)

But our time here.   Our loved ones who we have now won’t always be here.    Which brings me to Priorities

What and who really matters?

I think that it’s different for everyone.    Sometimes you can love someone and forgive them and still let them go.

*originally written and unpublished in Dec 2016.

Underneath the Mulberry Trees

It’s hard to fathom that in a few short months the shade of these magnificent trees will be gone. The branches and huge leaves will be pruned back leaving what will look like a carcass of a dead tree. But it won’t be dead. It will merely be dormant for the winter. Then spring will come and bless us with new beautiful lush leaves providing much needed shade from the harsh Arizona sunshine. Thinking about only the Mulberry trees one might become a little sad.

In the winter there are no beautiful leaves to admire of the Mulberry tree.

But if you look past the Mulberry tree you will see that there is more. If you look off high in the distance way above the brown clusters of the mulberry tree are palm trees tall and majestic against the brilliant crystal blue sky. You can see the red of the Bougainvillea peeking between the branches of the sleeping tree.

It’s a sight to behold even on cloudy days.

Life isn’t always the way we think we want it. Most of the time it’s exactly the opposite of what we think we need.

But if we take the time to look past our frustrations and see the bigger picture we will be blessed with understanding that everything happens for a reason and that we are blessed to get to be a part of it all.

Be thankful every day!

One thing or another…

If it wasn’t for the man,

It would be the kids

If not the kids

It’d be the parents

If not the parents

It’d be the grandparents

If not the grandparents

It’d be the dogs

If not the dogs

The cat

Not the cat

The turtles

Not the turtles

The fish

Not the fish

The plants

Not the plants the yard

Not the yard

The car

Not the car the housework

Not the house work

The bills

Not the bills

The job

Not the job

The boss

Not the boss the friends

Not the friends the……

Lover ♥️

Grandmas flowers

I dreamed about my grandma all night last night.

I dreamed she wanted flowers. She said she wanted Angie’s girls to bring flowers to her grave.

Grandma doesn’t have a grave.

Then when I got to work I saw these.

I didn’t pick them. I just took a picture of them and said a quick prayer thanking God for the blessing of this wonderful life.

Weird Chicken lady takes birds to fair!

Two of my hens are at the fair and I feel lost with part of my flock gone. Am I a weirdo or what?

He received one white ribbon for the bantum Barred Rock.

Unfortunately she was disqualified because her feet were not yellow enough.

Then he received

One purple ribbon for the Splash Dutch She was “perfect” and will go to auction on Saturday.

We plan to auction her not because she isn’t loved and maybe a little for the amount she will bring at auction. Mainly though she is a smaller bird and it wasn’t the wisest move to bring her into a flock of larger birds but she has done tremendously well.

Nevertheless, she will get older and I don’t want to see her picked on

I love my flock of 5 so much!!
As for the disqualifing one, I feel so bad and I just want to tell her your beautiful to us!!!
I really just want to bring her home. But she is supposed to stay until Sunday.
I worry about them too….
Do they feed them right? Are they lonely or scared? Do they miss home?

I am looking forward to having more chickens. Not sure about babies but I do want to increase our flock. The eggs are nice

Here’s the two I collected today. They both came from Wyandotte chickens but one seems to be laying torpedoes lately!