Stop and enjoy the flowers

Most of these flowers are in my yard. Some are not but they were pretty enough to take a picture and share!


One thing or another…

If it wasn’t for the man,

It would be the kids

If not the kids

It’d be the parents

If not the parents

It’d be the grandparents

If not the grandparents

It’d be the dogs

If not the dogs

The cat

Not the cat

The turtles

Not the turtles

The fish

Not the fish

The plants

Not the plants the yard

Not the yard

The car

Not the car the housework

Not the house work

The bills

Not the bills

The job

Not the job

The boss

Not the boss the friends

Not the friends the……

Lover ♥️

Grandmas flowers

I dreamed about my grandma all night last night.

I dreamed she wanted flowers. She said she wanted Angie’s girls to bring flowers to her grave.

Grandma doesn’t have a grave.

Then when I got to work I saw these.

I didn’t pick them. I just took a picture of them and said a quick prayer thanking God for the blessing of this wonderful life.

Weird Chicken lady takes birds to fair!

Two of my hens are at the fair and I feel lost with part of my flock gone. Am I a weirdo or what?

He received one white ribbon for the bantum Barred Rock.

Unfortunately she was disqualified because her feet were not yellow enough.

Then he received

One purple ribbon for the Splash Dutch She was “perfect” and will go to auction on Saturday.

We plan to auction her not because she isn’t loved and maybe a little for the amount she will bring at auction. Mainly though she is a smaller bird and it wasn’t the wisest move to bring her into a flock of larger birds but she has done tremendously well.

Nevertheless, she will get older and I don’t want to see her picked on

I love my flock of 5 so much!!
As for the disqualifing one, I feel so bad and I just want to tell her your beautiful to us!!!
I really just want to bring her home. But she is supposed to stay until Sunday.
I worry about them too….
Do they feed them right? Are they lonely or scared? Do they miss home?

I am looking forward to having more chickens. Not sure about babies but I do want to increase our flock. The eggs are nice

Here’s the two I collected today. They both came from Wyandotte chickens but one seems to be laying torpedoes lately!

Life is good

In the living room there is a bookshelf .

Long ago memories that sit on the shelves. Pictures of a couple people that we have lost.

A few of my grandmas pictures are on the top shelf.

The ashes of the father of my children sits in a box on the next shelf. His photo sits beside it.

They are there to remind us that life is good ❤️

Single at 44??!!

Your life is half over you say.

All your good days are gone

No more smiling babies at your breast at night.

No more husband to back up into keep warm.

It’s over right?!

Nope now is the time for you to shine.

Do your best you! Make yourself happy! Paint a fence, build a chicken coop and raise chicken! Work in the garden and grow things. Do what makes you happy!

I am 44 and single. I honestly am perfectly happy without a man to report to. Or to ask if I can do/ buy something. I don’t need a man to fix things because most of the time the help I need won’t be something simple. I don’t like to ask for help. This is something my husband and I had in common and it made us a very powerful couple when we were strong together. We could conquer the world … Or so we thought.

I really don’t think I’ll ever find a man who could fill his shoes.

We divorced yes. I left him.

It wasn’t because I didn’t love him though.

Rest in peace Bryan one day I’ll see you again. Not too soon though. I have a lot to do here still. A lot to accomplish…

This and that

Here’s just a few things I’ve been doing the past couple days.

I got some flower seeds from Chuck at work so I made a window box out of some scratch pieces of wood I had leftover. The seeds came complimentary in a box of Honey nut Cheerios #bringbackthebees

I caught a beautiful glimpse at work of an adorable hummingbird bird. And the beautiful Bougainvillea!

Later I harvested my sunflowers

Took a selfie with Bougainvillea #realflowerchallenge

Went to dinner with the kids at Ah So Sushi

Had the ladies knocking at the back door!

Spent Friday Eve in the yard

Got a cool looking copy of a painting at Ross. Then I put white lights behind it to make it glow. It’s so pretty!