15 days Bouncing!

For the last 15 days in a row I have been jumping on a small trampoline inside my house.  I have noticed that I am getting stronger.  It could all be in my head.  But thats were it all starts anyway.  

When I first got this trampoline back in Sept 2020 I figured it wouldn’t be as hard as it was.   The moment I got on I felt a sudden urge to pee and jumped right off.   But I got back on a few minutes later.  It was very difficult.   I felt dizzy fairly quickly and jumped for a little over a minute.   I was disapointed in myself.  I had already lost 100 lbs.  Why couldn’t I do this simple thing?   

Now I enjoy it a lot more than I did then.  But my body is getting used to it and getting stronger.   

A funny video of my 15 days bouncing

I recorded each day and uploaded them on YouTube.   I didn’t take my measurements but my clothes feel looser and I’m not sure but maybe I’m seeing less jiggle. I do feel stronger and plan to continue this rebounding craziness longer. I’ll probably end up getting better equipment when I can afford it. For now this is how I bounce!

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