Farewell to 2020

It was the year of many changes. I learned a lot this year about who I am and that I can control that more than I ever really thought I could.

I lost my job. Then my grandpa passed away. Which is still very hard for me to accept. He was a very important person in my life. Then Chuck passed away and then finally Leeanne. I had worked for them for 8 years. I dreamed of him last night. He was in a nursing home and I worked there. But I was doing these weird straight legged flips and people where asking me how long I had been able to do them. I didn’t know…. But I kept doing them.

It was strange. I had to go and have a bunch of propane tanks filled. I brought them all back to the nursing home and went about my work then noticed one was on fire. I called 911 but couldn’t remember the name of the place we were at. Then someone finally told me. It was ‘Pearl Harbor Gym” not a nursing home at all! Wow dreams are weird. I woke myself up talking on the phone trying to explain to the 911 dispatcher where we were and what kind of help to send. We were all outside but that tank was burning and it was sitting next to a bunch of other tanks. It was bound to explode!! It felt so real!

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