Day 2 of challenge

7am on day 2.

Since I made it 1 day I am going for another day of this no sweets challenge. It wasn’t really hard as long as I stayed busy. Or distracted. I can do it!! Day 2 here I come!! I completed a 25 day challenge of doing 25 pushups each day. I recorded each day and challenged someone else to do it also (on facebook) pushups have always been one of my least favorite exersizes. I can handle this!! I did that for suicide awareness. I’m doing this for ME. And my teeth and bones. I know I won’t get back what I’ve lost. But hopefully I wont lose anymore.

I will check in throughout the day.

Its 920 am I just finished working out with a Hasfit video.  I’m feeling worked out.  But not hungry or hangry.  A little twinge of hunger but not bad.  I’ve made myself a cup of green tea to drink.  To relax for a minute. 
Here’s a list of things I can do to distract myself from thinking about food. 

  • Meditate
  • Read
  • Walk the dogs (or just myself)
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Clean up outside
  • Yard work
  • Clean chicken coop
  • Clean inside
  • Organize closets decide things to donate or throw away
  • Listen to music or podcasts
  • Paint
  • Sew
  • Play a game with my son
  • Watch ‘Chosen’
  • Learn something new
  • Write
  • Take pictures
  • Jump on trampoline (that never lasts long so it might not be a great idea)

1:25 pm. Just opened my eating window. I had a hashbrown made from a small potato and a ham, tomato and cheddar cheese omelet. I’ve done good so far. But my mind keeps trying to talk me into something else…. Not gonna do it. I’m stronger than all that. I noticed a strange sad feeling though. Rather then feeling good about not eating sugar I have this odd depressed kind of feeling. I’m going to push through it though. I know it’s temporary and it will be fine. I will be better and stronger for pushing through. I won’t die from lack of sugar. Even if it’s Christmas time!! I got this! I’ve got a bike to ride! It’s a lovely afternoon outside and it’s a perfect day to get out in it!!

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