Challenging myself

Today I’ve decided to challenge myself to go 1 day without eating any sweets. None. Not even the fake sweets. No sweets at all.

I can do it. It will not be easy. But I can do it and if I make it through one day I will challenge myself to go another day tomorrow.

I will write here how it goes.

So far today I know it wont be easy since we have candy canes on the tree and marshmallows in the cupboard. I’m not going to let them into my thoughts today. I am stronger than that. I AM!!

11:40am. It is almost time for me to eat my first meal. So far I have stayed busy all morning. I worked out for 45 min with a Hasfit video. Then I worked on putting my cd collection into a microsoft access file. So far ive put 165 cds (of 654) into the file. I got tired of it though and put them all out into the storage shed. ( cant leave them past winter though cuz they will melt in the summer heat here.

I’ve decided for breakfast I will have eggs and ham and hash browns from a small potato. I’ll also take my vitamins as usual and drink plenty of water. After that is the challenging part. Once my eating window opens I have a hard time stopping. But I think without sweets it won’t be as hard. Once I get past the beginning stages breaking the addiction. I don’t really feel super hungry right now so I am going to push it back a little longer with distractions… I do have plenty of those thankfully!!

I could use some make up on my face…
Cant open my mouth but I feel better with makeup on…

12:40pm. Well I decided to do a 10 minute guided meditation and then put on my makeup. I feel fine. But I’ll eat soon. Then take the dogs for a walk.

4:20pm I closed my eating window just before 4. I ate no sweets. But I did have bread. Not sweet bread. Just bread. I’ll be leaving shortly to take my son to work but I got this!!

10:30. Pm almost forgot to write how it went. I made it. It was not easy. I wanted something sweet all day. But I survived!! I’m in bed now going to sleep. Tomorrow will be another good day! ❤

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