The front freakin tooth!

Well there isn’t anything quite like the feeling of chomping down on something hard then hearing / feeling a POP and suddenly realizing your front tooth just decided to leave your head. Just when your really trying hard to fight time and years of bad choices. Trying really hard to get healthy. Then this.

It’s then that you realize Damn I have really fricking large front teeth!! I can’t talk right. I even SPIT once when I was talking a bit fast and a word was said that I would have needed my teeth to say properly.

Teeth are pretty freaking important. Monday I’m getting my travel id and plan to make a trip to Mexico on Tuesday because the dentists in the States want to charge way too much. It’s good I needed to make this trip for awhile. I’ve got some issues with a couple other teeth as well. Oh the joys of life as me!!

This is going to be an interesting night and weekend. The tooth is in at the moment with dental cement. But it hasn’t been holding very well. I’ve had to put it in several times today. If it falls out while I am sleeping I hope I dont swallow it…. I probably won’t…. But I wont bother trying to put it in again until tomorrow.

So this year my cars and my tooth have ruined Christmas for us. Dang if it’s not one thing its another!!

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