Single at 44??!!

Your life is half over you say.

All your good days are gone

No more smiling babies at your breast at night.

No more husband to back up into keep warm.

It’s over right?!

Nope now is the time for you to shine.

Do your best you! Make yourself happy! Paint a fence, build a chicken coop and raise chicken! Work in the garden and grow things. Do what makes you happy!

I am 44 and single. I honestly am perfectly happy without a man to report to. Or to ask if I can do/ buy something. I don’t need a man to fix things because most of the time the help I need won’t be something simple. I don’t like to ask for help. This is something my husband and I had in common and it made us a very powerful couple when we were strong together. We could conquer the world … Or so we thought.

I really don’t think I’ll ever find a man who could fill his shoes.

We divorced yes. I left him.

It wasn’t because I didn’t love him though.

Rest in peace Bryan one day I’ll see you again. Not too soon though. I have a lot to do here still. A lot to accomplish…


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