Chickens and dogs

Two days ago I got 3 chickens and 1 rooster.  They were the cutest little bunch.   

I was so thrilled until this morning when my Min Pin went into their cage by digging under to get inside.    She killed 2 chickens and the rooster.   

I’m heartbroken because she also hurt the remaining chicken.   

I completely changed the location of the chicken cage and completely dog proofed it with chicken wire across the entire bottom of it and then covered over that with dirt.  So if she somehow manages to get thru the first fence of the garden she will still have to get threw the chicken fence.    

You can’t really see the chicken wire here but a little on the bottom of the picture.

So I’m worried about the remaining chicken because she was actually  hurt.   But she’s standing and eating so that’s a good sign and she’s drinking water so hopefully she makes it through the night.

   There she is all set up for the night