Who NEEDS Donations?

I have noticed that people often feel so utterly horrified at the thought of losing a baby/ child that when they come across someone who has recently lost a child they are more than willing to donate large sums of money to the parents for their grief.   

I am not saying it wouldn’t be the most horrific thing for me to bear losing a child….  

But the same people will over look a family struggling to make ends meet because the main bread winner has died.   Maybe they didn’t like him.  Good riddance why should I donate anything to him.   

Your not sending money to the dead child.   Your not sending money to the dead parent.   

Your sending your money to the people left behind who now have to figure out life without their loved one.   A young couple who has lost a child is broken in ways money can not help. The child didn’t bring money to the table while living so financially the family shouldn’t NEED large donations of cash.  

The family who lost the sole provider is broken in the very same ways and they NEED the donations.   They don’t beg.  They struggle and make do with what they have left.  

So the next time you come across a sad Gofundme of a child who has died remember that no money in the world will bring the child back and probably isn’t NEEDED as much.   

Why don’t you find a family who has lost a parent.     With kids who are still young.   That extra money WILL help that child even if the adult doesn’t spend it directly on the child.   Bills are bills. That pay check stoped when the parent died.   The bills still have to be paid.   


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