My garden

Since we now live in a house with a large back yard I have decided to put it to some use. 

  I planted a garden.

This is how it looked until I changed it to make it bigger yesterday.

Nothing too extensive.  So far I have 6 almost 7 pumpkin sprouts (I think one more is about to come up )   2 strawberry plants and a watermelon.   I have them fenced in with chicken wire and I planted them with garden soil from the store because the soil here is very sandy causing it to be hydrophobic so it’s hard to grow anything in it.  
 I’m also trying to get my grass to grow and would love my trees to be healthy and give more fruit.   They are young and face south so I painted their trunks white to protect them from bugs and sunburn.  I enjoy spending time outside on the back patio it’s so nice.   I also have some flowers that I’ve planted in pots on the front porch but a couple of them are dying.   😦   the ones pictured are still living 

My hands are hurting right now so I cant write as much as I want.  


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