Toxic Personalities and Why You Cannot Change Them

I heard my wake up call today. Thank you.


You can’t Wake a Person up Who is Pretending to be Asleep.

This is an ancient Native American Proverb. It can be applicable in various contexts. I want ti discuss this statement in the context of toxic personalities that we deal with. 

If you are in any kind of relationship with someone who you feel is toxic to you, then they are probably using communication skills that are inauthentic. They are dishonest in the way they interact with you, and probably with others as well.

We are used to expecting people to communicate what it is that they want, whether we agree with them or not. Most people will demand, ask for, explain or otherwise communicate their desires to you.

When you are dealing with a toxic personality, they will not be up front about what it is that they are after. Their communication often leaves you feeling confused…

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