What a workout!!

Ten minutes on the big trampoline out back twice a day! A year ago I wouldn’t have been able to do 5 minutes. But here I am!! The only time it’s ever too late to do something is when you’re DEAD! I’m not dead yet world!!

15 days Bouncing!

For the last 15 days in a row I have been jumping on a small trampoline inside my house.  I have noticed that I am getting stronger.  It could all be in my head.  But thats were it all starts anyway.  

When I first got this trampoline back in Sept 2020 I figured it wouldn’t be as hard as it was.   The moment I got on I felt a sudden urge to pee and jumped right off.   But I got back on a few minutes later.  It was very difficult.   I felt dizzy fairly quickly and jumped for a little over a minute.   I was disapointed in myself.  I had already lost 100 lbs.  Why couldn’t I do this simple thing?   

Now I enjoy it a lot more than I did then.  But my body is getting used to it and getting stronger.   

A funny video of my 15 days bouncing

I recorded each day and uploaded them on YouTube.   I didn’t take my measurements but my clothes feel looser and I’m not sure but maybe I’m seeing less jiggle. I do feel stronger and plan to continue this rebounding craziness longer. I’ll probably end up getting better equipment when I can afford it. For now this is how I bounce!

Farewell to 2020

It was the year of many changes. I learned a lot this year about who I am and that I can control that more than I ever really thought I could.

I lost my job. Then my grandpa passed away. Which is still very hard for me to accept. He was a very important person in my life. Then Chuck passed away and then finally Leeanne. I had worked for them for 8 years. I dreamed of him last night. He was in a nursing home and I worked there. But I was doing these weird straight legged flips and people where asking me how long I had been able to do them. I didn’t know…. But I kept doing them.

It was strange. I had to go and have a bunch of propane tanks filled. I brought them all back to the nursing home and went about my work then noticed one was on fire. I called 911 but couldn’t remember the name of the place we were at. Then someone finally told me. It was ‘Pearl Harbor Gym” not a nursing home at all! Wow dreams are weird. I woke myself up talking on the phone trying to explain to the 911 dispatcher where we were and what kind of help to send. We were all outside but that tank was burning and it was sitting next to a bunch of other tanks. It was bound to explode!! It felt so real!


7am Christmas Eve. I have not been successful with my no sweets challenge. I refuse to make excuses. (Its Christmas time, just one won’t hurt, but its my favorite, or it’s just going to go to waste!)

But I will keep getting back up no matter how many times I fall. I am not giving up on myself.

Day 2 of challenge

7am on day 2.

Since I made it 1 day I am going for another day of this no sweets challenge. It wasn’t really hard as long as I stayed busy. Or distracted. I can do it!! Day 2 here I come!! I completed a 25 day challenge of doing 25 pushups each day. I recorded each day and challenged someone else to do it also (on facebook) pushups have always been one of my least favorite exersizes. I can handle this!! I did that for suicide awareness. I’m doing this for ME. And my teeth and bones. I know I won’t get back what I’ve lost. But hopefully I wont lose anymore.

I will check in throughout the day.

Its 920 am I just finished working out with a Hasfit video.  I’m feeling worked out.  But not hungry or hangry.  A little twinge of hunger but not bad.  I’ve made myself a cup of green tea to drink.  To relax for a minute. 
Here’s a list of things I can do to distract myself from thinking about food. 

  • Meditate
  • Read
  • Walk the dogs (or just myself)
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Clean up outside
  • Yard work
  • Clean chicken coop
  • Clean inside
  • Organize closets decide things to donate or throw away
  • Listen to music or podcasts
  • Paint
  • Sew
  • Play a game with my son
  • Watch ‘Chosen’
  • Learn something new
  • Write
  • Take pictures
  • Jump on trampoline (that never lasts long so it might not be a great idea)

1:25 pm. Just opened my eating window. I had a hashbrown made from a small potato and a ham, tomato and cheddar cheese omelet. I’ve done good so far. But my mind keeps trying to talk me into something else…. Not gonna do it. I’m stronger than all that. I noticed a strange sad feeling though. Rather then feeling good about not eating sugar I have this odd depressed kind of feeling. I’m going to push through it though. I know it’s temporary and it will be fine. I will be better and stronger for pushing through. I won’t die from lack of sugar. Even if it’s Christmas time!! I got this! I’ve got a bike to ride! It’s a lovely afternoon outside and it’s a perfect day to get out in it!!

Challenging myself

Today I’ve decided to challenge myself to go 1 day without eating any sweets. None. Not even the fake sweets. No sweets at all.

I can do it. It will not be easy. But I can do it and if I make it through one day I will challenge myself to go another day tomorrow.

I will write here how it goes.

So far today I know it wont be easy since we have candy canes on the tree and marshmallows in the cupboard. I’m not going to let them into my thoughts today. I am stronger than that. I AM!!

11:40am. It is almost time for me to eat my first meal. So far I have stayed busy all morning. I worked out for 45 min with a Hasfit video. Then I worked on putting my cd collection into a microsoft access file. So far ive put 165 cds (of 654) into the file. I got tired of it though and put them all out into the storage shed. ( cant leave them past winter though cuz they will melt in the summer heat here.

I’ve decided for breakfast I will have eggs and ham and hash browns from a small potato. I’ll also take my vitamins as usual and drink plenty of water. After that is the challenging part. Once my eating window opens I have a hard time stopping. But I think without sweets it won’t be as hard. Once I get past the beginning stages breaking the addiction. I don’t really feel super hungry right now so I am going to push it back a little longer with distractions… I do have plenty of those thankfully!!

I could use some make up on my face…
Cant open my mouth but I feel better with makeup on…

12:40pm. Well I decided to do a 10 minute guided meditation and then put on my makeup. I feel fine. But I’ll eat soon. Then take the dogs for a walk.

4:20pm I closed my eating window just before 4. I ate no sweets. But I did have bread. Not sweet bread. Just bread. I’ll be leaving shortly to take my son to work but I got this!!

10:30. Pm almost forgot to write how it went. I made it. It was not easy. I wanted something sweet all day. But I survived!! I’m in bed now going to sleep. Tomorrow will be another good day! ❤

The front freakin tooth!

Well there isn’t anything quite like the feeling of chomping down on something hard then hearing / feeling a POP and suddenly realizing your front tooth just decided to leave your head. Just when your really trying hard to fight time and years of bad choices. Trying really hard to get healthy. Then this.

It’s then that you realize Damn I have really fricking large front teeth!! I can’t talk right. I even SPIT once when I was talking a bit fast and a word was said that I would have needed my teeth to say properly.

Teeth are pretty freaking important. Monday I’m getting my travel id and plan to make a trip to Mexico on Tuesday because the dentists in the States want to charge way too much. It’s good I needed to make this trip for awhile. I’ve got some issues with a couple other teeth as well. Oh the joys of life as me!!

This is going to be an interesting night and weekend. The tooth is in at the moment with dental cement. But it hasn’t been holding very well. I’ve had to put it in several times today. If it falls out while I am sleeping I hope I dont swallow it…. I probably won’t…. But I wont bother trying to put it in again until tomorrow.

So this year my cars and my tooth have ruined Christmas for us. Dang if it’s not one thing its another!!